Gryphon Chrysler 'DCX' card notes

The Gryphon Chrysler 'DCX' card is a three channel card.

The first channel implements 'Chrysler SCI' using a 16550 type UART attached to Chrysler SCI physical layer hardware. Notes on using this Gryphon device are here:

The second channel implements CCD using an Intersil CDP68HC68S1 (the chip actually sits partly behind another 16550 type UART which is used internally for communication between Gryphon and the CDP68HC68S1, though the user will probably not need to be aware of this fact). I will place notes on using this Gryphon device at: --- Currently a dead link.

The third channel implements VPW J1850 using an Intersil HIP7010. Notes on using this Gryphon device are here:

(Note: the Intersil chips mentioned may have at one time been made/sold under the Harris brand. I gather Intersil is the name the company uses now though.)